Wrongful Termination. Does that mean anything legal?

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In New York, NY in wrongful termination lawsuits. Wrongful termination, also called wrongful discharge, happens when an employer fires an employee in violation of law: Firing someone . Not all unfair or bad terminations are wrongful terminations; however, if you are wrongfully discharged you should contact a wrongful termination lawyer in NYC. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated then you should talk to NY wrongful termination lawyers right away.

Illegal termination in New York is generally a creation of statutory law although there are some common law claims. A wrongful termination claim only exists when the reason for termination violates employment law. Otherwise, an employer’s reason for termination might be bad; however, that does not create a wrongful termination claim in New York.

What To Do If You Are Wrongfully Terminated in NYC

When you are fired for reasons that you know are wrong, it can bring up a lot of unpleasant emotions, including anger. While it is OK to feel upset and to take action, you want to be specific and careful in what actions you take. Immediate retaliation will only hurt your future case, so under no circumstances should you act out towards your employer.

If you have one, take the time to read through your employment contract and educate yourself. Keep a cool head and contact a wrongful termination attorney in New York City as soon as possible. Our NYC wrongful termination attorney can give you advice on what to do next to ensure that your lawsuit is successful.

NYC Wrongful Termination Attorney Protects Victims of Wrongful Termination

Wrongful or unfair termination occurs when an employee loses his or her job for an invalid reason, and our wrongful termination attorney in New York City knows what the courts consider to be an invalid reason. An employee may also be a victim of wrongful termination if an employer gives one reason for firing the employee, but the employee believes that the true reason is something different, unfair and inexcusable. Our NYC wrongful termination lawyer knows that the law protects victims of wrongful dismissal. If you were fired for an unfair reason, or because of retaliation, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Gregory Antollino Attorney At Law to speak with a seasoned NYC wrongful termination lawyer today.

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