Harassment v. Sexual Harassment at Work.

When Does Harassment Become a Legal Issue?

Dealing with harassment is a nightmare for workers, a challenge for which there is not always a quick solution. First, the Civil Rights Laws are not a civility code, I have heard judges say. Everyone has had a bad boss, but that doesn’t;t mean that his or her harassment is anything that you can take to court.

Harassment is something you can sue for, for example, if you are being sexually harassed at work. Racial, ethnic, or LGBT harassment – and other forms of harassment if you are a member of a protected class. If you are still working at the job, first try to resolve it on your own. Tensions arise if you bring your employer directly into court, or even if you have a lawyer send a letter. But, if you’ve tried everything on your own, or, worse, you are being subject to retaliation, you need to protect your rights.

Sexual and other forms of harassment by an employer adds to the stress of the world that you already manage, and can affect productivity, which in turn can imperil your job. New York State, City, and federal laws provide protections for employees from sexual or other forms of harassment on the job. Again, uncivil acts by your boss without a connection to your protected class – sex, age, disability, etc. But once you have tried everything you can – and call for some ideas – I can help you understand your legal rights and sue if necessary. The steps you take before filing a lawsuit can influence the ultimate result, so you are better off with a lawyer at the stage you consider taking further action.

How Can I Help Victims Of Harassment?

Our NY workplace harassment lawyer can help employees understand their rights in the event that they have suffered due to workplace harassment. NYC Workplace harassment lawyers who are proficient in employment law can offer support for filing claims with the appropriate authoritative agencies that investigate these matters in addition to moving forward with a civil case.

Working With A Workplace Harassment Lawyer

I have assisted many clients in obtaining justice if they were subject to sexual harassment. To find out more about how I can help please call 212-334-7398 to schedule a free phone consultation.

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