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Is my boss legally obligated to use my preferred pronoun?

Many transgender or intersex individuals prefer to use names and pronouns that do not match the ones they might have been assigned at birth. Sometimes this can be confusing for others, who may slip up occasionally and use the wrong name or pronoun. But sometimes the stubborn and spiteful will

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What is Ban the Box?

When you have filled out a job application in the past in New York City, you probably have had to check a box saying whether or not you have been convicted of a felony. Typically, if you answer "yes," you are given a chance to explain the situation in a

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Can police search without a warrant?

Most New Yorkers are aware that police cannot search homes or persons without a warrant. However, you may be surprised to learn that a search warrant is not always required. If a police officer asks to search your property, how do you know if you have a right to privacy or

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Your guide to discrimination in the workplace

Discrimination in the work place is not uncommon. It happens often in New York. And yes, it could happen to you. Here’s what you need to know. “In the workplace” refers to all areas of employment, including: Benefits Firing Hiring Job assignments Layoffs Pay Promotions

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Readers Shared Their Harassment Stories. Experts Weigh In.

Here are some real-life examples of sexual harassment in the workplace and reactions from experts as to how to address them. The advice may prevent a breakdown in the attorney client relationship and a nightmare at your place of employment. Click here to read more

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