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Preventing sexual harassment at work is more than simple training

Creating an environment free of sexual harassment AND any type of harassment based on your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation disability is one of the biggest challenges for better employers. Although incivility and plain old rudeness are not protected by the law, one of the most complicated areas of creating a

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Sexual harassment laws in New York

As the nation continues to experience a growing number of instances of sexual misconduct being reported, employees in New York State have good reason to wonder how or what can be done to protect people in the workplace. For some time, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has outlined

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What does one need to prove sexual harassment?

We expect our workplace to productive and safe. However, sometimes it becomes a hostile environment. The law does not protect against gross incivility, or what I will call "general harassment." The harassment has to be based on your rights under local and federal laws. The most commonly known form of

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