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Zarda v. Altitude Express: Decided by the Supreme Court for LGBT Workers Nationwide

  • By gantollino
  • Law posted:Appeals
  • Date:June 18, 2020

In June 2010, I filed an EEOC charge and, shortly thereafter, a complaint in the Eastern District of New York, alleging discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation as a subset of sex. We could not overcome earlier interpretations of the law, but I fought, first to a three-judge panel

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Nurses’ lawsuit re lack of PPE gets notice

It is hard for nurses - some long-term employees, working in hospitals caring for COVID-19 patients - to speak out during the pandemic. One brave nurse reported her experience to the New York Times in an opinion piece. Meanwhile, NYU-Langone is threatening nurses with termination if they speak to the

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COVID in the Workplace – Hospital Whistleblowers

I've been working from home but it happens that some work I've been doing is COVID related. I'm glad to be - if not on the front lines - a few lines back. Layoffs and furloughs because of COVID-19 have occurred and will occur in the future. But if there is

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Why Should a Lawyer Need a Website?

  • By
  • Law posted:Appeals
  • Date:March 09, 2020

Excuse the digression, and the answer is obvious. But I remember the practice of law in the early 2000s, when bigger firms (and some smaller ones) started posting basic information online. I resisted. Then I got a call from a client who asked me, after describing her case, how many

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Are you pregnant and facing workplace discrimination?

In New York City and across the state, the fight to protect pregnant mothers from discrimination at the workplace continues. Unfortunately, this type of gender-based discrimination is still rampant. Gregory Antollino, Attorney at Law, is dedicated to seeking justice for those like you who feel as though you've been

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Can my employer prevent me from voting on election day?

Unless you've been walking around with blinders on the past few months, you probably haven't been able to help but notice that the midterm elections are just around the corner. State and city campaigns are getting heated, and political ads are permeating the media. If you have a vested interest in

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Can I do anything about workplace rudeness?

Having to work in an environment in which you are not happy is always a problem. In fact, unhappiness is often why people leave a job. There is something that is happening more often in work environments around New York that is leading to issues in the workplace and causing

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Why you should complain of discrimination in the workplace

Perhaps the verb to use is not "should," but "must." The laws have changed - at least in New York - that a party bringing discrimination claims need not complain. The real question is whether an employer can use an employee's failure to complain as a defense: "Well, Ms. Plaintiff,

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Is your work environment really a hostile one?

If you dread going to work in New York each day because you feel your boss and coworkers are mistreating and bullying you, you might work in a hostile environment. According to study in Market Place Business News, “20 percent of employees experience hostile behavior at their jobs. Keep in

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