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What if the police ask to search my car?

The sounds of police sirens just behind you while driving the streets of New York City can be a worrying experience. You wonder if the approaching police officer is here to question you, ticket you, or even arrest you. It is important to remain calm as the officer approaches.

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2 safe driving habits to adopt when facing a DWI

As the summer gets underway, you can expect to see many more motorists on the streets of New York City and across the nation. Whether you are currently facing a DWI charge or have in the past, now is an appropriate time for you to evaluate your driving habits. If

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The legal system is not designed for going it alone

Smart people often like to show off how much they know. Wise people tend to be smart people who know that it doesn't matter how intelligent you are if you fail to apply your knowledge judiciously and make a positive difference in the lives of others. When you are facing criminal

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