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Nurses’ lawsuit re lack of PPE gets notice

It is hard for nurses - some long-term employees, working in hospitals caring for COVID-19 patients - to speak out during the pandemic. One brave nurse reported her experience to the New York Times in an opinion piece. Meanwhile, NYU-Langone is threatening nurses with termination if they speak to the

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Why Should a Lawyer Need a Website?

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  • Date:March 09, 2020

Excuse the digression, and the answer is obvious. But I remember the practice of law in the early 2000s, when bigger firms (and some smaller ones) started posting basic information online. I resisted. Then I got a call from a client who asked me, after describing her case, how many

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Why you should complain of discrimination in the workplace

Perhaps the verb to use is not "should," but "must." The laws have changed - at least in New York - that a party bringing discrimination claims need not complain. The real question is whether an employer can use an employee's failure to complain as a defense: "Well, Ms. Plaintiff,

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Sexual harassment in the workplace: coworkers and customers alike

Sexual harassment is prevalent in society. The progression of the #MeToo movement and numerous high-profile allegations of misconduct have brought discussions about harassment to the surface. Even with the spotlight shining on inappropriate behavior in the workplace, much of the misconduct is still taking place in the background because workers

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What is false arrest?

These days, it is essential to stay aware of your civil rights. Even if you think that you do not involve yourself in activities that you think are risky, there may come a day when you are in the wrong place at the right time and find yourself in a

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Broad powers don’t mean police can violate your rights

The adage goes that you can't fight city hall. Despite those words, that doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to fight. Rather, the presumption behind the statement is that the legal system is structured in such a way that those who try to battle city hall are doomed to fail. That

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