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When a supervisor or co-worker makes unwanted sexual advances toward you in the workplace, you might have questions about what you need to do to make the conduct stop. In some cases, reporting the behavior to those in charge might bring an end to the actions in question, but, there may be situations where reporting things only makes matters worse.

When most people hear the term “sexual harassment,” they often picture the relatively harmless offense of a little boy pulling a girl’s pigtails. While not appropriate, it does not incite the range of emotions that harassment does in adults. In reality, sexual harassment involves a greater criminal offense which can also be brought in civil court and may result in significant compensation with the right NYC sexual harassment attorney. Victims of harassment often suffer severe emotional trauma, as well as physical injuries, depending on the level of harassment.

Sexual harassment, employment discrimination, and retaliation can be a problem in the workplace and may be committed by both men and women. In fact, a recent Supreme Court case held that sexual harassment may occur between individuals of the same sex. Also, some courts recognize sexual harassment based on stereotyping, such as where a man is being harassed by other men for acting too feminine. The NYC sexual harassment attorney at Gregory Antollino Attorney At Law defend employees who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Like employment discrimination or retaliation, sexual harassment is barred by federal law and the laws of most states, including New York.

Sexual harassment is a serious problem, and many workers have found themselves the victim of unwanted attention. If your employer refuses to address your concerns or retaliates or discriminates against you for filing a complaint, you may be able to take action against them in New York City. Examples of sexual harassment can include:

  • Inappropriate touching, including kissing or hugging
  • Comments about your appearance or the way you dress
  • Promising raises or promotions in exchange for a relationship
  • Sexual Orientation/LGBT Discrimination
  • Punishing you at work for refusing to engage in a romantic or sexual relationship such as reducing your hours, docking your pay, reassigning or firing you

Valid sexual harassment claims are often extremely difficult to prove, and require the skills of an experienced sexual harassment attorney in order to uncover specific evidence of the unlawful conduct. As your sexual harassment attorney in New York City, I will take your case seriously, and treat you with respect. I have represented a number of clients with sexual harassment claims in New York, and know what is necessary to prepare your case in a way that gets results.

It is important that I stress that not every “gross boss” is engaging in behavior that gives rise to a sexual harassment cause of action. There are some individuals who, despite being terrible people, have not behaved in a way that infringed upon any of your rights. In order for me to be of assistance to you, there must be some conduct that crosses the line. I would be happy to review your case, but I am going to be honest with you. If I do not feel I can help you, I will tell you right away, during our initial consultation. I do not want to waste your time.


To discuss your claims with an experienced sexual harassment attorney in New York, please call my office today at 212-334-7398 or send me an email to arrange a time that is convenient for you.

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