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Helping The Victims Of Police Brutality

In New York City, the police have adopted an “us versus them” attitude toward the public, and feel they can get away with anything. Parents have to teach their children how to remain safe and conduct themselves when stopped by an officer, especially people of color. I’m lily white, and have never once been stopped in over 20 years the City – but it’s not that I couldn’t have been had I looked different. That bothers me – especially when I hear about and see it happen to people of color all the time.

Police brutality is a given, previously eclipsed only by excessive stops. There will always be bogus arrests, most often for “disorderly conduct” – a vague phrase that has a specific meaning that the police ignore. The NYPD arrests so many people for “discon” that they have preprinted forms, so they don’t have to do any writing – they merely check boxes on a sheet: flailing arms, alarming the public, obscene language, whatever.

At my law practice, I help people who have been the victims of unlawful actions by law enforcement officers. Since starting my own firm, I have represented many clients in police brutality and related violations of civil rights cases, including:

The important thing to remember here is that if you feel your rights have been violated, the first thing that you should do is to contact an experienced lawyer immediately. You have to learn if you have a case, and I can explain the options to you. I can tell you if you may have claims for compensation against the department or officers involved in your case.

Over my career as an attorney, I have seen many clients who have been treated unlawfully by police and prosecutors. This shouldn’t happen to anyone, and if it has happened to you, we need to fight back. I can help you prepare a strong case against those responsible for these wrongful acts.

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