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Krucial Staffing Cost New York City $15 Million Dollars!

  • By gantollino
  • Law posted:Appeals
  • Date:May 22, 2020

I’ve written in this sorry blog about Krucial Staffing and its mistreatment of nurses lured to New York to be subject to unconscionable conditions. The nurses are being paid well, and most have fallen in line, refusing to speak out about Krucial’s tactics, as well as that of its Do-What-You-Gotta-Do CEO, Bryan Cleary. I have filed a complaint in federal court on behalf of seven plaintiffs against Krucial and Cleary. (Cleary, meanwhile, is seeking to “sever” the lawsuit against him. A huge law firm is backing him and Krucial and has filed an answer full of statements that – excuse the alliteration – clearly came from Cleary. Flat out lies, including the contention that nurses are fungible, which is to say, like money. There’s nothing special about one dollar over another, even if it’s torn; Krucial says all nurses are the same. The answer contains many pages of denials, but a few hints that Krucial will continue to rely on falsity to defend the lawsuit.

I do commend Krucial, however, on its utilization of local press, particularly outlets who will take any story, and that tout its supposed good works without referring to the criticisms. Meanwhile, if you put the phrase “Krucial Staffing” into Google, it still brings up the news breaking article from ProPublica, which came out the day after the lawsuit was filed, plus the Daily Beast and, incredibly, a Go-Fund-Me campaign has been started for nurses defrauded by Krucial Staffing.

ProPublica has also published a scathing, well-researched article on the differences between how Mayor DeBlasio (and Governor Cuomo) answered the COVID crisis in comparison to London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco. (Hint: San Francisco did better.)

I am blessed that one, then three, then seven people who witnessed the debacle within New York City hospitals trusted me to bring their claims and, in the offing, tell one of the few stories about what is perhaps one of the worst local public-health response in the history of the United States.

Now, after so many requests on my part, the City Health and Hospitals Corporation has sent me the contract between Krucial Staffing and the City of New York. The cost of the contract: $15,000,000! I am of the opinion that such a number speaks for itself.

Here’s the contract:


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