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Can I do anything about workplace rudeness?

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  • Date:September 06, 2018

Having to work in an environment in which you are not happy is always a problem. In fact, unhappiness is often why people leave a job. There is something that is happening more often in work environments around New York that is leading to issues in the workplace and causing people to feel unhappy with their situation. This issue is called workplace rudeness.

According to the Huffington Post, workplace rudeness is a contagious situation where employees are rude to each other. Basically, it is a bad attitude that tends to spread from person to person. It has been shown that when one employee is rude to another, it often leads that second employee to be rude to others. Thus, this rudeness starts to spread.

But the bottom line is that the law does not protect you against incivility. People hear “sexual harassment” and think any harassment is something you can sue for. It os not. Unless the harassment is based on a protected category, you are out of luck.

Workplace rudeness creates a work environment in which people feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied. It can also affect the relationships employees have with customers, which then affects the company as a whole. It can even lead to issues for employees at home when they carry the rude attitude into their personal lives. This can cause personal relationships to have trouble.

Rudeness affects the body and the brain. It increases stress, which then can lead to diseases and health conditions that drag down your overall health. Not to mention, it is not good on your mental well-being. It can also change your perception and make you see rudeness even if it is not present. Overall, workplace rudeness drags down a work environment and can lead to serious effects. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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