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There is really no way to predict what is going to happen in a case. What seems so simple and easy can go sideways if the judge or jury is having an off day. Decisions have consequences — for both individuals and the law, and when the wrong outcome is reached, I readily accept the challenge of trying to make things right.

I am Gregory Antollino, Attorney at Law. Since starting my own practice, I have handled a number of appeals in New York state and federal courts. Over the past decade, I have developed substantial trial skills that have allowed me to have achieved a great deal of success for my appellate clients.

What I Look For When Considering Whether Or Not To Take On A Case

Lawyers lose cases all the time. Judges make bad decisions based on bad laws. I do not want to simply take on a case where I think I can win because of something that happened previously. I look for cases where I think a client should win — that is, there is an actual reason to take this case to the next level. There is a benefit that can be provided to the client or to the law, and justice requires us to keep things moving forward.

Your lawyer needs to be able to explain the law, explain what the previous court got wrong, as well as the practical impact of the earlier decision. In some cases, the law just gets it wrong. The world is constantly changing, and the law struggles to keep up. We can push the law forward, but only if we know how to get the courts to accept our argument.

A successful appeal depends on a lot of different factors. I have spent years refining my trial skills. I know how to prepare a brief and present a compelling written argument on your issue. I am thorough in my preparation, because cases can easily be lost when a lawyer looks for a shortcut.

When it is time for the oral argument, I feel this is where I am able to show what sets me apart from other attorneys. Trials are like theater. I tell your story to the court. I think quickly on my feet, and am ready to answer questions about even the most minor details about your case or the law in question.

I am fascinated by the appellate process. I enjoy each opportunity that I have to help shape the future of the law. If I take your case, know that I am working tirelessly to help you achieve the justice that you deserve.

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