Your Civil Rights Are Priceless – But Taken Away, You Must Fight to Get The Back.  

Gregory Antollino Esq.

I’m a serious lawyer for clients with significant cases. The relationship between an attorney and client is one of trust. Let me tell you about me, so you can determine if I’m the right attorney you can trust with your case. On the other hand, please believe me if I think I cannot take your case.

The basics: I went to NYU School of Law, where I was a member of The NYU Law Review. I’m a graduate of Northwestern University, where I studied history and creative writing. Before law school, I worked with autistic children and with the City’s Administration for Children’s Services. I worked at two large firms – one private and one public – before starting my firm. You can click here to get more information about my legal career.

I don’t always do things the way that every lawyer does. I find creativity matters. I have found that I get the most satisfaction out of helping people who have had their rights violated or suffered oppression. I feel it is my job to try to make things right. Not every wrong can be righted under the law, but some can.

I am selective about the cases I handle,  but I take close cases with unusual facts. I don’t want to take something on just to earn a fee. Those cases do not interest me at all. In some way, I see myself as a journalist, and am interested in situations not only where someone is agrrived, but where it exposes an unseemly underbelly in society. (Recovering adequate compensation for righting that wrong is essential, and I cannot say I take pro bono cases, except as required by New York State. But some cases become “pro bono by default.: I am not one to give up if I am passionate about the cause.)


Honors And Awards

In 2015, the profession awarded me a very high rating, “AV Preeminent*” by Martindale-Hubbell, which I’ve held ever since. That same year, I won the right to call myself one of the “Best Lawyers in America.” Since 2012, I’ve been listed as a “SuperLawyer.” What do these “honors” mean? There are over 160,000 lawyers in New York State, and about 6,000 are SuperLawyers. The methodology of these emblems are opaque, but, I think, involve nominations by other lawyers and judges.

I’m proud to have been recognized by the legal profession this way, but I don’t think any client has chosen me because of these recognitions. Please judge my or any attorney’s work by his results and, more important, her dedication before you assume that an officially conferred adjective means anything. I’d rather convince you of who I am, what I’ve done, and what I stand for. I want you to pick me as a lawyer for those reasons, rather than for you to assume honorable mentions are evidence, in themselves, of anything. I’d rather win a fantastic case, honestly.

The People I Typically Represent

I limit my practice, proudly representing victims of employment discrimination, or other civil-rights violations (wrongful arrests, wrongful prosecutions, police brutality, aka “excessive force”). I also stand with people who haven’t been paid salary in accordance with federal and state rules. I handle appeals when I believe it is necessary, though I rarely take appeals when I haven’t been the trial lawyer.

Business is a good thing — I’m in business — and so is law enforcement. But neither the corporation nor the cop needs to break the law to achieve its objectives. Some New York City cops are out of control — I sometimes felt as if – at least before the George Floyd protests – that I was the only one who had noticed. I have represented hundreds of individuals against some of the biggest companies and most major law firms, as well as agencies of the City and State of New York.

Free Consultation

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