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Archive: Month: April 2020

Who hired Krucial Staffing to Lure Nurses to Suffer in New York City?

  • By gantollino
  • Law posted:Appeals
  • Date:April 28, 2020

Most of those nurses are heroes, but some were terribly defrauded. I doubt I can take any more clients, though I keep getting calls. When I filed a lawsuit against Krucial Staffing, I concluded that the City of New York (or one of its agencies) had hired Krucial. The employees were

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Nurses’ lawsuit re lack of PPE gets notice

It is hard for nurses - some long-term employees, working in hospitals caring for COVID-19 patients - to speak out during the pandemic. One brave nurse reported her experience to the New York Times in an opinion piece. Meanwhile, NYU-Langone is threatening nurses with termination if they speak to the

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COVID in the Workplace – Hospital Whistleblowers

I've been working from home but it happens that some work I've been doing is COVID related. I'm glad to be - if not on the front lines - a few lines back. Layoffs and furloughs because of COVID-19 have occurred and will occur in the future. But if there is

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