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Archive: Month: September 2018

Sexual harassment laws in New York

As the nation continues to experience a growing number of instances of sexual misconduct being reported, employees in New York State have good reason to wonder how or what can be done to protect people in the workplace. For some time, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has outlined

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When can a case be appealed?

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  • Law posted:Appeals
  • Date:September 12, 2018

I love appeals. You need a lawyer who knows appellate law and procedure if you are appealing and expect to win. My record of wins when I am defending appeals is almost 100% (in two cases, the court made little changes). My record on appeal as the appellant - the

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Can I do anything about workplace rudeness?

Having to work in an environment in which you are not happy is always a problem. In fact, unhappiness is often why people leave a job. There is something that is happening more often in work environments around New York that is leading to issues in the workplace and causing

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