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2 safe driving habits to adopt when facing a DWI

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  • Date:May 11, 2018

As the summer gets underway, you can expect to see many more motorists on the streets of New York City and across the nation. Whether you are currently facing a DWI charge or have in the past, now is an appropriate time for you to evaluate your driving habits. If your license is suspended, you might not have access to a vehicle until some point after your legal situation is resolved.

Though you are not the only driver on the roads, your actions can impact others and create a domino effect that increases the risk of collisions and death. More than one million impaired motorists were apprehended by law enforcement in 2016, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Good driving habits are necessary for you to stay safe. Here are two driving habits you should have to avoid criminal charges in the future.

Are you in a condition to drive legally and safely?

Many people are so accustomed to hopping in their vehicles and driving off without giving their mental and physical conditions a thought. It is important for you to assess yourself to determine if you belong behind the steering wheel. There may be times where it is better for you to let someone else drive or change your plans. If you feel drowsy or impaired in any kind of way after consuming alcohol or medications, do not drive until you are sure that are in good condition to drive. It does not matter how alcohol you consume or the kind and amount of medications you take, wait for the side effects to subside before getting in the driver’s seat.

Avoid distractions when you are behind the wheel

Accidents involving distractions are quickly becoming as dangerous as alcohol and drug impairment collisions. According to Nationwide, 25 percent of motor vehicle accidents are the fault of distracted motorists. Put all distracting items away in the glove compartment, backseat or trunk. Put your cellphone on silent and resist the urge to text, talk and drive.

Defensive and safe driving habits can help you to avoid future DWIs and car accidents. Do not forget to consider your defense options for any current DWI charges you have.

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