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2 common types of workplace discrimination

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  • Date:April 27, 2018

Most New York employees are aware there are federal laws in place to protect them against certain types of wrongdoing and improper behaviors that occur on the job. Though employers have policies to discourage discrimination their work environments, many workers still experience discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Some of them dread going to work and have issues with their job performance because they are working in a toxic work environment.

Unfortunately, laws alone are not enough to prevent some employers from acting negligently, unlawfully and abusively towards their workers. Below are a few types of discrimination that are prevalent in the workplace.

1. Gender (sex) discrimination

Gender discrimination is not exclusive to women. Men also experience gender discrimination in the workplace. Studies indicate approximately “22 percent of men experience discrimination at work, which is much lower than the 42 percent of women” who reportedly experience it, states the Pew Research Center. Women and men who are treated differently from their coworkers because of their gender are victims of gender discrimination.

2. Age

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 makes it unlawful for employers to “mistreat and discriminate against workers who are 40 years and older in their employment hiring, job duties and classification, firing, training and promotion practices.” Yet, many older workers find themselves being overlooked for promotions, employment and experiencing other forms of unlawful discrimination.

Workplace discrimination can occur in many forms. It is important for workers to learn their employment rights, document any discrimination and harassment incidents they experience or see and file their complaints with the necessary human resources representative for their job. Some employees may find it beneficial to speak with an attorney.

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